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bin man gun

The Mission District in SF is one of the poorer and thus more 'edgy' areas of the city, nonetheless I have come to have a soft spot for some of it's idiosyncrasies. Straight of the BART then it is obvious that this isn't the happy shiny downtown or tourist area that SF is famous for, and it's nothing like that Sony Bravia advert with the bouncy balls (and inexplicably, a frog in a drainpipe). Instead, people are of Mexican descent and the place feels spanish and disregarded by the powers that be in the city. It has an intense feeling of community though (Nuestra Mission is everywhere Spanglophiles). As a result, as a white bread looking sort of chap, just pointing a camera at someone to take a candid shot sometimes seems likely to get you a punch on the nose (figuratively speaking. Judging from the background noises in this area I dont think that people settle disputes with simple fisticuffs any more! ). So this rather stylised image is an attempt to catch the guy rifling through the bin without him noticing me. In actual fact I had my back turned and was walking away from him, with the camera dangling at the bottom of my arm when I pressed the shutter. That triangle thing is my sleeve.

Posted by Mack on Friday, May 26th, 2006 - 07:40
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