Spirals and lines
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Next to the building in yesterday's post is a platform to nowhere with a spiral staircase that has been blocked off. It's not a great shot, but I still found it appealing. Taken with my Holga 120N with the Polaroid back using Type 89 film.

'Stairs fly as straight as hawks;
Or else in spirals, curve out of curve, pausing
At a ledge to poise their wings before relaunching.
Stairs sway at the height of their flight
Like a melody in Tristan;
Or swoop to the ground with glad spread of their feathers
Before they close them.

They curiously investigate
The shells of buildings,
A hollow core,
Shell in a shell.

Useless to produce their path to infinity
Or turn it to a moral symbol,
For their flight is ambiguous, upwards or downwards as you please;
Their fountain is frozen,
Their concertina is silent.'
- A.S.J. Tessimond, 'Flight Of Stairs'

Posted on 24 May, 2006   (15)