More about Expressions
More than you ever wanted to know

How (and why) it all began

The beginnings of Expressions can be traced to a pub (where else are great ideas hatched?) in Boston. I (Lorissa) had been "blogging" since about 1998 or so, although at the time if you said "blog" to me I probably would have frowned at you wondering if you just burped, sneezed or both. Before long I was photoblogging like a fiend and started to receive emails from people who wanted to setup their own photoblog. My response was always rather long-winded as there were few options and nothing specifically for photoblogging. Many of the systems could be used to create a photoblog, but none of them focused on it and made it really easy for the user. And so the seed was planted!

I mentioned this to Gordon and Guy one evening at the pub. Both loved the idea of creating a new system that catered to photobloggers directly. And so it began. The three of us set up our business, Dynamic Vantage, and spent the following months working on Expressions. We did not look for any venture capital and instead funded our initial costs and subsequent server costs out of our own pockets. Finally, on July 1st 2003, we launched! And, here we are today.

The folks behind it all

Gordon - programmer, guru, the big G
Guy - gamer, money man, the guy who holds the purse strings
Lorissa - designer, photoblogger, general keeping-it-all-together gal